Salone del Loto is a non-ideological gathering for everyone of any
age, sex or profession.
Every month we invite a guest speaker from various fields with the
hope of deepening your life through a lecture on his or her specialty
and discussion in a small group.
Imagine yourself having precious time free from all your busy
work-life and engagements in our quiet temple with "Renge hichou no
zu," an epitome of the Silk Road, above.
It may bring you a chance to expand your views of life through
discussions on art, philosophy, sports, hobbies, politics or economy
in such a peaceful atmosphere.
We provide a social gathering and spiritual home for everyone from the
fast-paced and hectic modern life.
You are always welcome!

Salone del Loto meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month.
50 minutes for a lecture  and 10 minutes for discussion.

ĄSalone del Loto
C/o Honmonji
1344 Tsutsuicho Yamatokoriyama
Tel: 0743-56-4470
Fax: 0743-59-0507

œTranslation by Kaoru Kobashi